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Powerful Priming Serum


An antioxidant-packed serum and makeup primer in one

This serum-meets-primer replenishes the skin, boosts radiance, and evens tone and texture, while priming skin for makeup application. Infused with Daisy Flower Extract to brighten and even skin tone, Blackjack Botanical to increase collagen production and Willowbark Extract to encourage cell turnover, our P.P.S. is clinically proven to bring a visible improvement to skin’s tone and texture. Used daily, our Powerful Priming Serum leaves skin healthier - with or without makeup.

*Results may vary

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Clinical Skincare Results

We put every product through rigorous instrumental testing to prove they are as efficacious as we say they are. Each product is tested on a panel of 30 women run by a neutral third party to ensure accurate and unbiased results.

Unretouched photos on bare skin*

*Results may vary

skin tone improvement

pore size improvement

radiance improvement

immediate results

72% improvement in skin tone evenness


Bare Skin

*30 subjects in a clinical study with an average result of 35% improvement over 8 weeks

54% improvement in pores


Bare Skin

43% improvement in luminescence


Bare Skin (Cheek)

Immediate Smoothing and Complexion Improving Properties


Before and immediately after use

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From The Lab


  • 100% of women showed an improvement in skin tone in a clinical study over 8 weeks (See the before & afters)

  • 100% of women showed an improvement in hydration in a clinical study immediately (See the before & afters)

  • Powerful antioxidant blend of Daisy Flower Extract and Blackjack Botanical, a natural form of retinol (Learn more)

  • Does not contain: fragrance, alcohol, parabens, or phthalates

  • Dermatologist Tested


  • Provides instant all over complexion improvement (See the before & afters)

  • Lightweight, non-pilling or migrating formula

  • Keeps makeup looking fresh all day

  • Improves the length of makeup wear

  • Suitable for all skin types

What's a bench?

The bench refers to the chemist's workstation; think a collection of tools; white lab coats, test tubes, flasks, beakers and a Bunsen burner. It’s a chemist's playground.

What's Inside


Powerful Trio

Blackjack Botanical

The botanical blackjack is known to increase collagen production which improves skin smoothness and softness. In combination with other ultra hydrating effects, skin will appear moisturized, smoother, and fuller.

Daisy Flower Extract

Daisy Flower Extract is known to be a botanical brightening and skin tone evening ingredient leaving skin prepped for a radiant, all over glow.

Willowbark Extract

The key to healthy looking skin is smooth skin. Willow Bark Extract is known to gently increase cell turnover which makes the skin a smooth, even surface. The skin can then reflect light which leads to a radiant, lit from within glow.

Vitamin C

This highly effective antioxidant helps to reduce fine lines, improve tone and texture and fight free radical damage - the unstable molecules that break down the structure of skin.


Chaparral Extract is known to even skin texture and enhance overall radiance.

Powerful Trio


Uneven skin tone is caused by a combination of sun damage, dry skin, clogged pores, acne scarring, and natural aging. All of this leads to dull, less-than-radiant complexion. Powered by a heroic trio of ingredients, the Powerful Priming Serum:

1. Correct skin tone

2. Improve skin texture

3. Boost radiance


The botanical Blackjack is a natural form of retinol known to brighten skin and increase radiance, Daisy Flower works to stop the formation of dark spots, and Willow Bark is a natural exfoliant, which evens skin texture. Infused with hyaluronic acid and squalane, this blend provides instant hydration.

Additionally, the Powerful Priming Serum primes skin for longer makeup wear while locking in the rich skincare benefits and keeping external irritants and aggressors out.

How To Apply

We recommend using day and night for best skin improving results.


Apply a small amount to clean skin starting at the center of the face and moving outward in small, gentle motions.


Gently pat into the skin for even coverage. The lightweight fluid primer takes about a minute to set.


Optional: Once the formula is dry, apply your foundation, tinted moisturizer, or BB cream on top for a flawless, radiant finish. Can be used over or under moisturizer.

Complete Complexion Trio

A.C.E Illuminating Eye Treatment, Bright Concealing Elixir & Powerful Priming Serum

Complete Complexion Trio
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"It makes me look eight-hour-rested lasting skin benefits."

"Onomie created the perfect serum. My face beams so much brighter than it ever has before."

"This has been my favorite primer I've ever used to date. It's changed how my makeup looks, but it has also helped with the skin underneath.  That is so important to me."


"Works terrifically. The primer and concealer work great together for a smooth coverage."


"The serum absorbs quickly and my face feels refreshed."


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Our Guarantee

Our products are clinically proven to show a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles with daily use over time. We recommend that our products be used for 60 consecutive days (or two cycles of cellular regeneration) in order to see results. If you aren't beginning to see results after 45-60 days of use, return our products for a full refund within 75 days.

We promise never to formulate with parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or fragrances.
*Results may vary.